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The Ward Room

Nahum Ward (1785–1860)

Nahum Ward moved to Marietta in 1811 from Massachusetts. Ward was influential as a prominent land speculator and philanthropist. At one point he was the Treasurer and controlling shareholder of the Ohio Company and served as Mayor from 1833 through 1836.

Ward traveled to Scotland and convincing a colony of “canny people” to move to Marietta in 1823, just in time to be stricken by a terrible fever epidemic. Much to his credit, he provided care, shelter and medical attendance to the new citizens. Ward rented and improved his properties to ensure the Scottish settlers made a home in the area. In no case did he ever foreclose on a property.

Ward’s home was the social activity hub of its time. It was the most elegant residence in Marietta. He hosted grand receptions for the Marquis de Lafayette in 1825, and John Quincy Adams in 1843.

In 1857, at an out of pocket cost of $25,000, Ward erected the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Marietta. He sold the church to the congregation for $1.00. Nahum Ward’s contributions to the agricultural development of Washington count were invaluable, and sustained the area for many years.

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